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Fire Performance in Tampa Bay Florida

Bellydance and Fire Entertainment for Parties and Events

Vinoy Resort August 2014
Raks al Sayf  (sword dance)
Birthday and Anniversary Parties
Themed Events/Dinners
Baby and Bridal Showers
Corporate Events
Shimmy With the Girls Bellydance Crashcourse Party (includes performance)
Retirement Communities
Sorry, no bachelor parties
Kimara's  playful rapport with an audience, movement technical precision, fusionary style, and obvious love for dance and entertaining has resulted in referrals and repeat business for twelve years.  She takes care in helping clients make their event a memorable one.  Shows can be customized to suit the event or theme including music and costuming.  Kimara has been hired by Greek, Hispanic, Italian, Indian, Moroccan, Egyptian and Turkish families so she keeps a huge assortment of music and will gladly customize the music to fit the show and please the crowd.   Zills (finger cymbals) are always included  in a song or two, but extra implements can also include Sword-Bellydance or  Firedance/Fire eating, Veil dance, Raks al Assaya (folkloric Egyptian cane dance).   She also gets the audience involved, creating fun photos for you and your guests.   

What to Expect...

A typical set follows the following format: (a dance set typically runs anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes depending on client's needs. Two sets can be arranged if necessary with intermission in between)

A fast lively entrance with zills (finger cymbals) to upbeat Turkish/ Greek/ Arabic music (or genre of your choice).  This is normally a time for 'breaking the ice', acknowledgement of all guests especially guest(s) of honor being celebrated.
-  A drum solo dance to music entirely comprised of percussion instruments
-  A slower dance, sometimes performed with a silk veil.
-  Fast lively music and dance to Turkish/Greek/Arabic music club remixes (or genre of your choice), encouraging guests to get up and dance and participate, especially the guest of honor
-  Medium tempo folkloric-style bellydance
-  Optional finale with firedance/fire eating or sword dance depending on dance area (ie indoor/outdoor space available)

Music Technicalities...

It is imporant to specify if there will be a stereo present and what music format it will accommodate.. ie CD's, Phone, Ipod.  If you will have a DJ at your event please confirm with them which format/device their system will accommodate.


  • The following are average industry standard prices for professional bellydance shows in Tampa Bay and generally mutually agreed upon and charged by performers in the bay area
  • Prices can vary depending on travel, length of show, number of shows, number of costumes.
  • Show lengths are flexible depending on client's needs.  Every show and circumstance is different, the following are general local industry price ranges.


Two 20 minute shows (two costumes):  $220
Two 20 minute shows  (no costume change): $200.
One 20 minute show:  170.00


15 minute bellygram $120.
30 minute party show  $150.


Regularly ongoing booked appearances in establishment at least four weekend nights per month. For a one-time restaurant appearance, private party price applies). Show times vary and are flexible depending on restaurant's needs and/or crowd-flow, the following is a general range.

Establishments in Dunedin, Clearwater, Largo, Seminole, Palm Harbor, Ozona, Safety Harbor

Two 15 to 25 minute shows (two costumes):  $120
Two 15 to 25 minute shows  (no costume change): $100.
One 15 to 25 minute show:  75.00

For charities and ACLF's discounts apply, please inquire.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (about shows & bellydancing in general.)

Based in Dunedin, Florida.  Serving Pinellas County and Hillsborough County
Performing in Dunedin, Clearwater, Largo, Seminole, North Saint Petersburg, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor,
Tarpon Springs, Holiday, Tampa


Thank you for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as possible to answer questions and plan your show for your event!

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